Savvy Katy Women's Nursing Shoe with Gore Construction in Sunburst

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The Savvy Katy Nursing Shoe builds on the crazy success of the Brandy classic pattern but with a few enhanced features.   Keeping the easy to clean man-made upper for quick clean-up of work spills and other debris, this slip-on style provides easy on\off and a comfy fit. Included is a removable, plush insole providing a mid-grade arch support that is slightly higher and more defined for more arch than the classic Brandy; an enhanced toe box provides more toe room, making standing on your feet more comfortable for long hours.  The Katy features a narrower fit than the Brandy which accommodates a medium to narrow foot better than the wider Brandy.  The twin gore upper construction allows easy on/off but with a slightly tighter fit over the top of the foot/bottom of the ankle.  To top it off, the shoe has a US certified slip resistant rubber sole for jobs that require non-slip performance and certification.

✅ Removable, plush footbed

✅ Easy to clean Synthetic Upper

✅ US Certified Slip-resistant outsole

✅ Enhanced toe box for extra toe room